Our Business

Business Introduction

We fully utilize limited resources. We turn waste into resources again. We generate electric power with thinned wood from forests. We create technologies and facilities with a high environmental performance. We introduce you to all the businesses we are working on to conserve the global environment.

Waste Treatment & Recycling Business

Various forms of recycling (metals, waste, automobiles, home appliances and small consumer electronics) and landfills (final disposal)

We accept scrap metal and waste from construction industry generated in building demolition, construction sites and manufacturing factories, end-of life vehicles, home appliances, small consumer electronics, and industrial waste. We then cut and crush them and recycle each material, including metals, plastic, wood and paper, (material recycle) by making full use of various sorting technologies and manual sorting. We sell the recycled materials mainly to steel and material manufacturers. We also thermally recycle waste plastic and wood chips as fuel for biomass power generation.

We have improved the recycling rate with a highly accurate sorting system. Meanwhile, we appropriately treat waste that is difficult to recycle at final disposal sites under a strict safety management structure. We use finished final disposal sites as solar power generation facilities and park golf courses.

Renewable Energy Business

We have realized local production for local consumption of electric power. We have achieved this by supplying clean electricity we have produced with woody biomass power generation using wood thinned from forests as the fuel to local elementary and junior high schools and public facilities. We are also cooperating with local governments and forestry companies in the community and surrounding areas to build a stable procurement structure for fuel materials. In addition, we are cultivating agricultural products with residual heat generated during power generation.

Environmental Engineering Business and Environmental Consulting Business

We develop, manufacture and sell environmental devices, plants and special vehicles in our Environmental Engineering Business. We provide various consulting services in our Environmental Consulting Business. These include measurement certification operations, environmental measures work, hazardous waste surveys and analysis, and operations related to environmental assessment for local governments.